Styling Diamonds with Blogger Jade Sheldon

This week Shane Co. partnered with one of our favorite fashionistas, Jade Sheldon, to showcase how diamond jewelry can transform everyday outfits. Keep reading to get the scoop on her dazzling style.

Tell us about the Shane Co. pieces you picked for this look.
Spring is traditionally known as wedding season, which made me want to explore the gorgeous, vast selection of diamonds Shane Co. has to offer. Since I am already married, I wanted to choose pieces that could be used for both a wedding look and to elevate an everyday look. Between the sparkling diamond studs, the radiant pendant and dazzling stacked rings, my picks made my look pop in a way that only Shane Co. pieces could do.

From where do you draw your style inspiration?
Being an artist, I draw inspiration from the world around me, be it the colors I’m using in an illustration I’m painting, imagery from a classic photo shoot with Audrey Hepburn or just walking around my neighborhood and admiring the beautiful spring blossoms.

Why should every girl have diamonds in her collection?
Diamonds are just one of those staples that can take an everyday look and make it extra special. My grandparents gave me my first pair of diamond earrings when I was a girl, and I wore them just about every day since. Unfortunately, I lost one of them while on location during a photo shoot in Paris a few years ago. This has given me a reason to explore new styles and options for replacing them with something even more dazzling.

What diamond piece at Shane Co. is on your wish list right now?
Definitely the diamond studs I featured in this shoot. I have yet to replace the ones my grandparents gifted me, and these were what I had in mind. With my pixie cut, I always think having a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings is the perfect complement to my look.

To see more from Jade, follow @jade_melissa on Instagram, then head to to find the perfect diamond jewelry for your everyday look.

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