Stacking Wedding Bands

Wearing a wedding band is a tradition that dates back hundreds of sparkly years. And like many long-standing traditions, there are slight variations that occur and inspire new and fabulous traditions of their own.

One look that is currently trending is stacking wedding bands with the engagement ring, which gives the tradition of a matching wedding set an entirely new and unique style! Here are three takes on the trend with tips on how to get a look that’s totally you!

A Classic Look
stackables1_41046257If you’re a gal who loves to color-coordinate her bag with her shoes or if you and your fiancé wore the same colors for your proposal pictures, your style is likely more classic and traditional. If you’re a gal who loves symmetry, then wearing the matching bands on opposite sides of your engagement ring will give it a balanced synchronicity

A Modern Look
stackables2_41071485_41055807_41049864If you’re a gal whose style varies daily or if you’re someone who likes mixing genres—like pairing a gentleman’s sweater with girly leggings—your style is likely more modern. You love to follow the latest trends and will love a look that has different textures. Instead of pairing one matching band to your engagement ring, try a totally different band with a completely different texture. On the other side, pair another band with a different pattern for balance. The finished look creates a unique and varied style, something you strive for every day.

An Artsy Look
stackables3_41061278_41069757_41055809If you’re a gal whose style is colorful and eccentric or if the majority of your wardrobe is from consignment shops and thrift stores, your style is likely more artsy. You are drawn to colors and patterns that are unusual and unlike anything anyone else has. You will love stacking bands that are not only different patterns and textures, but different colors. Pair a band of pink sapphires with your rose gold engagement ring or a band of black sapphires with your white gold engagement ring. And instead of placing a band on either side of the engagement ring, try pairing the two bands stacked together on one side of your engagement ring so the finished look is asymmetrical.

Whatever your style and whatever your mood, layering wedding bands with your engagement ring is a way to express your own individual style and create an heirloom as unique as you.

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