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Stackable Bracelets

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Stackable bracelets are one of the hottest jewelry trends right now, but to the surprise of many, they have been around for a very long time. From overstated glamour to understated grunge, there are more options now than ever. Here are a few things to consider when stacking.

Think about the occasion first and foremost. You wouldn’t wear the same bracelets to a wedding that you would on a night out with your girlfriends. If you are going out on the town or to a concert, reach for chunky cuffs, bangles, beads or even spikes. When going to work or a professional event, choose cleaner styles that are a bit more tailored like silver cuffs, gold bangles, chain link bracelets and diamonds.Stackable Bracelets

Once you have decided where you are going and what look you are going for, consider how many bracelets you want to wear and what colors. Remember, mixed metals are on trend!

When it is time to dress up those wrists, try an asymmetrical look.  Put more bracelets on one wrist than the other and mix really skinny styles with chunky pieces.

If you have smaller wrists and find that the bracelets won’t stay put, make a cuff your base so the other bracelets don’t fall off.  If you don’t have a cuff, a watch will work just as well. Enhance your look by alternating the types of bracelets you layer like in the photo above.

The most important note: Don’t overthink it! You will look great no matter what you pick!

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