Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, It’s Up To You

Every girl has heard the rhythmic wedding superstition, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” (and the little-known last line, “a sixpence for your shoe”). Where does this rhyme come from? The origins are unclear, but it was recited often during the Victorian era. According to the rhyme, a bride must collect these five items from her friends or family for good luck on her wedding day. The “something old” is meant to represent continuity, “something new” is for optimism about the future and a new life together, “something borrowed” represents borrowed happiness, and the “something blue” represents purity, fidelity, and love. The “sixpence” (largely a British custom) is a wish for prosperity and good fortune.

Many brides spring for the typical old jewelry from a family member that can count as something old and borrowed, a new wedding dress, and a blue garter. Today weddings are all about personalization, so why not make your good luck charms more personal as well?

 Something Old

There’s nothing wrong with borrowing jewelry for your Something Old, but there are also many unique options. You could take vintage photos of your grandparents and add them to a locket. If you have a favorite pair of heels that doesn’t clash with your wedding dress, why not wear those as your Something Old? They’re already broken in, and you won’t have to buy a new pair! If you love vintage, wear a vintage dress at your wedding instead of a brand new one. Or incorporate fabric from a vintage dress (like your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress) into your new one. If you have your wedding in a historic location, that can be your Something Old! For a Something Old your groom will appreciate too, use a classic car as your wedding transportation.

Something New

This is maybe the easiest token to acquire. Your new wedding dress and your engagement ring both count. If you want to step it up and get something special for your Something New, the options are limitless. Embroider your new initials (if you’re changing your name) into the inside of your wedding dress or a handkerchief (bonus points if it’s in blue), or wear jewelry engraved with your monogram. If you and your hubby are moving into a new place soon or if you’ve recently moved, tuck a house key into your bouquet. You could wear a new shade of lipstick or a new perfume scent, or use a brand new car for transportation.

Something Borrowed

Instead of borrowing jewelry from a family member, borrow their veil. If you know a happily married couple, borrow something from them to put into your bouquet. If someone grows their own flowers, borrow flowers from their garden and put them in your bouquet. You can dance to a song that was played at your parents or grandparents wedding, or borrow a book from the library that has a reading you like. Borrow one of your fiancé’s button down shirts to wear while you get ready, or your Something Borrowed could be fabric or beading from a previously worn wedding dress.

Something Blue

On Pinterest, you can find so many adorable ideas for Something Blue that differ from a blue garter. Some of the best ideas include painting the bottom of your shoes blue, or wrapping your bouquet in blue ribbon.  You could embroider the date of your wedding in blue thread on the inside of your dress, or sew a blue heart made from your dad’s old t-shirt right above your heart on the lining of the dress. Use blue flowers, blue hair pins, or wear some sapphire jewelry from Shane Co. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Make your wedding that much more special by straying from the norm and making your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue unique things that mean something to you.

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