Unity Collection

For You….

Unity Collection Men's Band

For Me….

Unity Collection Women's Band

Shop outside the box… be dazzling. Don’t be normal, be Unique. These are the thoughts my fiancé and I had when shopping for our perfect wedding bands.
We wanted something that could connect us even when we are apart. Something that represented our unconditional love. Something that could Unite us as one.

These truly extraordinary rings give both my husband and I our own individuality but bring us close together, even when we are apart.

We considered getting traditional wedding bands and engraving a special message on them but ultimately for us, and our individuality and what we truly wanted was … DIAMONDS!!! Okay well that’s what my heart truly wanted. So we went with the beautiful diamond wedding bands pictured above.

Choosing the perfect pair of bands wasn’t an easy task, and at times seemed almost impossible, but it was an experience we will both remember forever.

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