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The ultimate experience begins from the moment you walk through our doors. You are greeted with a friendly smile and a genuine welcome. It won’t take long to notice that Shane Co. is not your typical jewelry store. Most people perceive all jewelers as the same; let me tell you what makes us special.

Think about the last piece of jewelry you purchased. How was your experience? How did the sales person make you feel? Did you feel special? First impressions are lasting impressions.

At Shane Co. there is no pressure
Shane Co. sales staff are not paid on commission.  Our goal is to help you find that special something for that special someone, and making you feel special in the process. Excellent customer service is most important to our company.

Value for your money
The most bang for your buck. We cut out the middle man, this means we can pass along more savings to you.  We pay in cash so not only does that guarantee us the lowest prices on diamonds, but that allows us first pick as well. We offer the best prices everyday which is why we do not discount, negotiate prices, or have sales.

100% natural light
Don’t be fooled. Here at Shane Co. we use natural lighting, not high-intensity lights like most other jewelry stores.  You can take any piece of jewelry over to the atrium to view it in natural light.

Unique Jewelry Designs
Stand out. We do not catalog our styles. We work with vendors all around the world to create new styles, as well as the latest trends. Come in and find something as unique as you are.

Lifetime Warranty
Peace of mind. At other companies, replacing a center diamond can cost thousands of dollars, a cleaning and inspection of your jewelry can cost you $40 or more, and appraisals will cost $100 maybe more. We do not sell “maintenance agreements” because we stand behind the merchandise we sell. We give you a free, lifetime guarantee, free appraisals, as well as many other great guarantees on our merchandise.

You get what you pay for. The difference between good and great is in the detail. We take the time to hand select each and every diamond or sapphire we use to create a wonderful piece of jewelry.  No matter what the occasion, each piece is the best quality your money can buy, because we pay attention to the details. Experience quality customer service and quality merchandise. Come join our family as a Shane Co. customer. We’ll see you soon.

Blog Author: Finesse Mitchell

Diamond Consultant, Shane Co. - Duluth, GA

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