Rose Gold: The New Classic

There’s a new trend in the world of engagement rings and we predict that it’s here to stay. Rose gold has worked its way up from a momentary fad to a fashion staple, and now it’s landed a lifelong spot as many women’s engagement and/or wedding ring of choice.

AugBlogPost_660x400_RoseGoldThis blushing metal is the perfect choice for many reasons. Maybe you love the look of two-tone rings, in which case rose gold is a wonderful complement to white gold.  Check out how beautiful they look mixed together:

There are also ladies who are drawn to something daintier in appearance than other metals, which makes delicate, pink-hued rose gold a great choice. Rose gold is also great for the bride-to-be who is going for a vintage or antique look, since it was incredibly popular both in the 1800s and 1920s.

Of course, there are practical reasons for choosing rose gold as well. Because rose gold gets its pink tinge from mixing copper with gold and not from plating, it will never turn color or need to be re-plated like white gold does. Not to worry—just because alloys are mixed with gold in your ring doesn’t mean rose gold is any less pure than white or yellow gold. They have the same amount of alloys mixed in per karat to make them strong enough to wear.

Lastly, rose gold is just plain gorgeous and still a very unique choice. See what I mean?


So what are your thoughts? Is rose gold here to stay, and would you ever choose it as your lifelong accessory? Let us know in the comments below!

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