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Reasons to Add a Band to Her Hand

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Women’s wedding bands aren’t just for the big day anymore! Many people buy additional bands to commemorate special occasions with their special someone. Here are a few great times to add a new band to her hand.

1. Anniversary


Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your fiftieth, an additional wedding band is a beautiful and symbolic gift. Find a match for her original wedding band or select a new style that makes you think of her. She can add it to her wedding set or wear it on her right hand—there are no rules!

2. Birth of a Child


A new wedding band is a great push present, and Shane Co. has many styles with pink or blue sapphires and birthstones. Every time she sees the ring, she will think of the child it represents. Plus, stacking bands is really popular, so you can make a new band for each family member a tradition.


3. Her Birthday


Not sure what to get her on her birthday? You can never go wrong with jewelry. A trendy new band that represents that specific year of her life is a gift she’ll love. Keep in mind that mixing metals is very fashionable, so don’t worry about making sure every ring matches!

 4. Personal Milestone


Being recognized for reaching a personal goal like a promotion at work, running a race or embarking on a new endeavor is one of the best feelings in the world. Adding a new band to her collection is the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment.

5. Just Because


Girls love surprises, especially new bling they can show off to their friends! You don’t need to wait until a big occasion to add a band to her collection—come home with an unexpected gift to really make her feel special.

Emily became a member of the Shane Co. family in February 2015. As a Customer Service Associate in the Nashville store, Emily assists guests with purchasing jewelry for themselves and loved ones. Emily enjoys working for Shane Co. because she likes meeting new people and building strong relationships with customers. When she is not helping guests shop for jewelry, Emily spends her time in coffee shops and enjoys traveling.

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