Meteorite and Damascus Steel Wedding Bands

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This fall, Shane Co. is releasing a new collection of men’s wedding bands crafted with meteorite and Damascus steel. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new styles.


looking for an extremely unique wedding band are guaranteed to love an option that comes from space! Crafted with Gibeon meteorite that fell to Earth in prehistoric times, these exclusive new rings are sure to create conversation. Bonus: They are great for guys with an active lifestyle because of their durability, and the natural oils
on his hand will protect the meteorite from discoloring over time. Gibeon meteorite is extremely rare, and we only have a limited supply, so make sure to check them out soon!

Damascus Steel

ancient times, Damascus steel was used to manufacture samurai sword blades. The art of creating Damascus steel was so guarded that, over time, it was lost. However, modern science has identified many of the original techniques, and
we can now design handsome wedding bands out of this ancient metal. These wedding bands are extremely durable and hypoallergenic, so they won’t trigger allergic reactions he might experience with other metals. All of our Damascus steel rings are handmade,
meaning each wedding band will be slightly different—like a fingerprint! The pattern on the ring can be seen and felt, as it is part of the structure of the metal. Our new meteorite and Damascus steel wedding bands are covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty.
To shop all the rings in this collection, visit your local Shane Co. or head to

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