Jewelry for Your Little Princess

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Growing up, the event I most looked forward to was the annual ball I would attend with my father at the local recreation center. Every year I would put on a beautiful dress, don a special piece of jewelry, which I borrowed from my mother, and glide down the stairs. My father would escort me to the car and we would begin our fairytale evening together. One year, when I was about 10, my mother presented a yellow gold heart pendant to me. It was simple and beautiful. When it was securely clasped, my mother told me that I was wearing a piece that now belonged to me. I was glowing for the rest of the night. This is where my love of jewelry started.

Many little girls grow up trying on, borrowing and creating—or attempting to create—jewelry. We all want to emulate our mothers and their beauty and sophistication. But gifting jewelry to a daughter can be tricky. Parents want the piece to be special and unique, as well as relevant to age and time of life, yet somewhat timeless. Shane Co. offers jewelry that’s perfect for your little princess, no matter her age.

For ages 7 – 12

Maybe she is getting her first piece of fancy jewelry for a birthday or a big event. At this age, simple is usually better. Shane Co. has a number of simple bracelets that can be accented with charms ranging from letters to numbers and symbols. A staff favorite is a sterling silver bar bracelet, which you can engrave as well as decorate with any number of charms. Perhaps you want a four-leaf clover for good luck or a flower with a colored stone. If the young girl in your life is too rambunctious for a bracelet, a locket or some colorful stud earrings would be great choices as well. They’re still lovely, but won’t hinder any playtime.

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For ages 13 – 15

So much is happening with a girl at this point in her life. Whether she’s becoming a teenager, celebrating her quinceanera or attending her first dance, you want to pick something that really highlights her personality. A fashion ring with her favorite sapphire is a great way to show her colors. You can find a variety of sterling silver rings with different shapes, designs and accent colors. This sterling silver heart and arrow bracelet or a bar necklace are also timeless options.

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For ages 16 – 18

She is starting to drive, going to prom, graduating from high school and entering adulthood. You want to show her how proud you are and how special she is to you. This is the best time to present her with something particularly timeless, and pearls are arguably the most timeless jewelry. A girl who appreciates the vintage look will love a strand of cultured freshwater pearls or a vintage 14k yellow gold pendant with a single pearl. If pearls aren’t quite what you’re looking for to make her day, we have pendants and rings with unique designs and brilliant colors.  Whether you choose a contemporary sterling silver pendant set with a ruby for a pop of bold color or an elegant marquise blue sapphire pendant, you’ll certainly be able to find a piece she’ll treasure for years to come.

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Ellyn joined the Shane Co. team in February 2015, shortly after graduating from Colorado State University. In her current role as a Customer Service Associate in the Westminster store, she focuses on making sure customers get exactly what they are looking for. Her favorite part about working at Shane Co. is seeing the look on a customer’s face when he or she comes to pick up jewelry that was worked on by the jewelers. When Ellyn is not assisting customers in the store, she enjoys hiking and camping.

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