Gift Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

Celebrating milestone anniversaries is a long-standing tradition, and jewelry often plays a part in the celebration. Here at Shane Co., we love helping couples find the perfect way to commemorate their special occasion.

30 Years: Pearls

Pearls are the traditional gift for a 30-year anniversary. If you want to put a modern spin on the tradition, opt for colored pearls—they come in a variety of shades. My personal favorites are the dark blue and green tones of the Tahitian pearls. For her, I recommend this darling Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant. For him, these stunning onyx and mother of pearl cuff links.


40 Years: Rubies

Rubies set the tone for the 40th anniversary. Since ancient times, they have been associated with love and romance. What could be a more beautiful way to remember your 40 years together than his and hers ruby rings? Take a look at these gorgeous pieces!

AugBlogPost_Anniversary3_660x400 AugBlogPost_Anniversary4_660x400

45 Years: Sapphires

The sky is the limit when it comes to sapphires, the traditional gift for a 45th anniversary. Most people don’t realize that sapphires come in every color of the rainbow. These beautiful green sapphire earrings are charming classics for her, and this sophisticated sapphire ring would be a great choice for him. For an extra-special anniversary gift, select jewelry featuring his or her favorite color.

AugBlogPost_Anniversary5_660x400 AugBlogPost_Anniversary6_660x400

50 Years: Gold

What is more fitting for your golden anniversary than a gift of gold?! Gold is rare and highly desirable, just like the love you two share. To celebrate, update your wedding bands in honor of a half-century of togetherness!

AugBlogPost_Anniversary7_660x400 AugBlogPost_Anniversary8_660x400

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