5 Nontraditional Moments to Celebrate with Jewelry

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We normally think about giving jewelry for the “usual” occasions, like holidays, weddings and graduations. But there are plenty of other times when jewelry would be a perfect gift! Here are a few of my favorites:

A Friendship Anniversary


Remember those “best friend” necklaces? Time for the grownup version! Let your bestie know you’re thinking of them with matching jewelry. We’re particularly fond of the customizable rings from the Shane Design Studio.

New Home


Buying a house is a huge moment in a person’s life, and it’s often a nerve-racking experience. Reward yourself, your partner or a loved one with a charm bracelet! The first charm could be anything, but a darling little key or house charm would be a beautiful way to celebrate!

A Sports Achievement


Whether someone ran their first marathon, improved their pitching speed or qualified for that bodybuilding competition, it’s worth celebrating their achievement! Let them know how excited you are for them or even reward yourself with a dainty piece of jewelry. I just love these engravable gold bar necklaces—you can customize them with a name, a quote or even the date of the person’s achievement!

A Business Accomplishment


Did someone you love (or even you!) close their first big deal, get a promotion or earn a raise? Now is the moment to tell them how proud you are! Classic jewelry like diamond studs or an elegant diamond bracelet can be worn with any work outfit and will give them that extra confidence boost.

Just Because


You don’t really need a reason to show someone you love them, do you? If you’re looking for a little “just because” gift, something like an adorable gemstone necklace with her birthstone is the perfect choice. It will go with everything and every time she wears it, she’ll think of your sweet surprise!

What event would you commemorate with jewelry? Let us know in the comments below, then head to to shop for your next gift!

Savannah became a member of the Shane Co. family in March 2015, when she joined the Home Office team as a Social Media Specialist. She spends her days curating content for the Shane Co. social platforms and creating meaningful conversations. Her favorite part about working for Shane Co. is being able to talk about jewelry all day. When she is not generating content for social media, Savannah spends her time with her husband and their two Yorkies, Prince Charles and Lady Winifred.

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