Shane Co. Clasps: Beautiful, Reliable

Rarely seen but always necessary, the clasps on pendants, bracelets or pearl strands are the unsung heroes of the jewelry world. If the jewel on your favorite pendant is the pop star of the piece, the clasp is the lighting tech, making the whole piece possible.

Shane Co. takes pride in quality merchandise, and this includes the clasp holding the piece together. Most commonly on Shane Co. jewelry, you will see a lobster clasp: a curved, hook-like piece of metal—usually silver or gold—with a spring loaded v-shaped component. This clasp will hook into a jump ring on the other side of the chain to create a secure hold. While it is possible for these clasps to bend given enough force, they will last through normal wear and tear and can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Some chains—for instance, many of our sterling silver chains and our 22-inch gold chains—come with an adjustable bead along with the lobster clasp. This bead has silicon inside, which allows the wearer to tug the chain in either direction to shorten or lengthen it without marring the chain. This way, you can wear your favorite pendant, no matter the neckline on your favorite dress.

Pearl strands have their own special clasps in a variety of styles with essentially the same functionality. These clasps will have a gold or silver v-shaped latch on one end, which is hooked into a bar on the other end of the clasp and pushed into a decorative gold or silver piece. On freshwater strands, you will see “peek-a-boos” and swirl designs on the clasp. On akoya strands, the designer has created a pattern of brushed and polished metal. South Sea and Tahitian strands often have a rounded bead instead of a flattened design with the essential function of the clasp remaining the same. These styles allow not only differentiation between the multiple types of pearls, but also add to the beauty of the strand should you choose to show off the clasp with a short hairstyle or up-do.

Tennis bracelets also have unique clasps that match their signature place in the jewelry world. One end of a tennis bracelet will have a gold “tongue,” which is inserted into the other end of the bracelet. Tennis bracelets should then have a second locking device to provide extra security if the tongue becomes loose over time. These devices may include a clasp that snaps underneath the tongue clasp, a figure-eight clasp that snaps to a knob on both sides of the bracelet or a safety chain that attaches to both sides of the bracelet. Over time and with wear, these clasps may need to be tightened. Shane Co.’s on-site jewelers will be able to tighten the clasps and safety features, usually within two to three days. As a benefit, this is covered with our Free Lifetime Warranty!

Safety and reliability are perhaps the most important aspects of any Shane Co. clasp. However, the beauty of a Shane Co. clasp makes Shane Co. jewelry something to be cherished for a lifetime. Next time you have a minute to look at our marvelous selections, take a peek at our clasps. We know you’ll love the way they add beauty to any piece of jewelry!

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