Quirky Wedding Reception Ideas

Looking for ways to make your wedding reception unique and memorable for guests? Here’s a list of some fun ideas.

Signature Drink Cupcakes

Signature cocktails and wedding cupcakes are two ideas we love, so why not try combining the two and offering guests sangria, margarita or even peach mojito cupcakes? Make sure you have a kid-friendly version too!

DIY Food Bars

DIY candy bars are popular at receptions, but you can take this idea to the next level with an unexpected food bar on your big day. Some of our favorite ideas are a baked potato bar, taco bar or mac and cheese bar. Guests will love customizing their meal!

Balloon Twisting

Balloons aren’t just for kids! A professional balloon twister can make everything from hats to animals and superheroes. This is something everyone will enjoy, and the balloons can double as wedding favors!


One of the best things in life is sitting around a fire with your friends, so why not do just that at your wedding? You can provide ingredients for s’mores and blankets for guests to lay on.


The big day is all about you, but keeping your guests entertained at your reception will make you feel great. Get creative and think about ways you can bring an element of surprise and excitement to your reception.

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