Planning Your Honeymoon Like a Pro

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and time-consuming. There are so many things to think about during the process—including your honeymoon! To help ensure you have a stress-free post-wedding getaway, here are a few tips.

Time of year matters

The timing of your wedding is a big factor in deciding where you go on your honeymoon. You don’t want to plan a Caribbean vacation in the middle of hurricane season. The same goes for wintry destinations. The Swiss Alps are not quite the same without snow. Make sure to research the average weather of the destination for the season before you book anything.

Tell everyone

Hotels and airlines may provide courtesies if they know you’re on your honeymoon. I’ve heard of some couples receiving first class ticket upgrades, and my husband and I got a gift basket from our hotel with a congratulations towel origami.

Book with your real name

I know you will be really excited to use your married name, but if your identification still has your maiden name on it, use it. You don’t want to realize that you can’t check in because the name on the reservation doesn’t match your passport or driver’s license. Save yourself the aggravation!

Plan couples’ activities

Planning activities will keep things interesting during your trip. A romantic couple’s massage is a relaxing way to start your vacation, and scuba diving or hiking would be an adventure you talk about for years. Make sure to pick activities you both like!

Leave time to relax 

It is really easy to get excited about all of the fun things your destination has to offer, but remember to spread things out. A honeymoon should be relaxing too—indulge a little! Enjoy a night in and order room service for two.

Most importantly, enjoy your time together and celebrate your love.

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