Planning for the future with layaway

Man hiding his wifes eyes to offer her an engagement ring

The purchase of fine jewelry can seem intimidating. Shane Co. has something for everyone no matter what the budget, but when planning the purchase of an engagement ring, wedding bands, or a holiday or special occasion gift, budget and timing can sometimes be paramount.  When you have time to spare but don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to secure the perfect piece for your special occasion, know that at Shane Co. we offer a free and convenient layaway option to all our guests. This option breaks the payments into manageable portions to accommodate your holiday schedules, wedding dates, or the right moment to pop the question.

The layaway process starts with a down payment. Once you have selected the perfect items for the upcoming occasion, your Shane Co. associate will calculate a down payment that works with your budget.  Many guests will make a down payment of 50% to establish reasonable future monthly payments, but some go as low as 20%.  At this time, your associate will also set up a monthly payment schedule ranging from one month to six months. They will calculate your payments according to budget or timing concerns you have expressed. If you need the item ready for a special occasion, they will be sure that the schedule allows you to pay off your layaway in time.

Making monthly payments is easy! You can visit your local store, make a payment over the phone, or if shopping online the payment will be automated for you on the day you agreed. Simply call the store, and the customer service associate will pull up your account to complete the payment. We will not keep any card information on file and will not charge your card without your expressed permission.

Do not worry if your payment is a day or two late.  If we notice that a payment is a week or more late and have not received prior communication from you, we will give you a friendly reminder call to help you stay on track with the agreed payment schedule.  We are a family owned company and are willing to work with you should you need to rearrange your payment plan.

In some cases, you may know in advance that your monthly payment will be late. We understand that extenuating circumstances arise while traveling, waiting on a pay check, or dealing with any of the curve balls life throws at us. If you know your payment is going to be late, simply call the store at which your layaway is being held and communicate this circumstance to the customer service associate who answers the phone. They will make a note on your paperwork regarding when to expect your next payment so that we know that you are still interested in the layaway and still plan to pay for the items in full.

Your items stay in our store while you make payments on them. Layaway is zero risk and zero interest. Should your style or situation change, your funds are 100% transferable or refundable at any time during the layaway process. If you decide on a different item in our store that you would like on layaway instead, we will simply transfer your funds to the new item at any time. Further, you may pay the complete remaining balance of your layaway at any time in order to take the items home with you. Layaway should work for you and your needs.

If your items need to go to our shop (to be set, sized, or have other work done on them), give us a call about two weeks before you need to pick them up. Your associate will have written down instructions for the shop when you started the layaway, and we will be able to have the items ready for you when you need them. In most cases, it will not take our shop two weeks to complete the work, but we want to make sure everything is ready for you when you’re ready to take the pieces home. At the time of pickup, we will take any final payments (if the layaway had not already been paid off), and send you home with a new, beautiful piece of jewelry.

Layaway is a convenient option and always open to you. We are happy to make the system work for you, and always consider it a privilege that you have chosen to let us help you plan for your future holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and engagements.

For further information regarding layaway, payment plans, and other financing options, visit our layaway page online.

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