Pearls: Perfect for June (or Any Month of the Year)

If you could give a gift so fine that it was worn by Chinese, Roman and English royalty and so classy it was worn by Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, would you? If you’re anything like me, the answer would be, “Only if I can afford it.” Pearls make it possible!

Pearls are the only gemstone in existence grown inside a living organism, specifically oysters or mollusks. The mollusk forms a pearl as a result of irritation within its shell. Layers and layers of a substance called nacre build up around an irritant to form the pearl, creating the pearl’s luster. The result of this luster is a shiny pearl that can produce reflections like a mirror. Shane Co. pearls are chosen for their beautiful luster, color, beauty and quality, and they can fit every price range.

In addition to being the modern tradition for the 12th anniversary, pearls are June’s birthstone, making them a fantastic gift for the woman in your life celebrating a June birthday. If you have a strict budget, consider a cultured freshwater pearl piece. These particular pearls come in varying sizes and colors, creating unique visual interest. This strand of pink cultured pearls with red garnets or these lavender cultured freshwater pearl dangle earrings would be perfect for someone who loves color.






Akoya pearls are classic, lustrous and a perfect gift. They are cultured in many parts of the world and their colors range from pinkish white to creamy shades of silvery blue. This classic akoya strand adds style and elegance to any outfit and this akoya pearl and diamond ring emanates traditional elegance.






For a truly unique gift, look no further than Tahitian or South Sea pearls. Shane Co. Tahitian pearls are not dyed and range in color from black to light gray, including the rare peacock green. This Tahitian pearl bracelet and pendant are great options for those who want a bold look.

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South Sea pearls are equally unique and come in many varying colors. These golden South Sea pearl and diamond earrings have a brilliant luster and sheen.

JuneBirthstone8_660x400Finally, for a truly stunning statement piece, consider this pearl strand. It showcases 36 inches of South Sea and Tahitian pearls in three colors. The shape of each pearl makes it especially unique!

These are only a few of the wonderful pearl options we carry at Shane Co. To find the perfect pearl gift or something special for yourself, visit or come into one of our store locations and let one of our jewelry experts assist you.

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