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Must-Have Men’s Accessories for the Professional

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When it’s time to get the job done, why not look good doing it? Here are four must-have accessories for the professional man.

1. Rings


Whether he prefers plain and simple or bold, men’s rings are an easy way to add handsome detail to any outfit.

2. Bracelets


Men’s bracelets are an easy way to expand a guy’s jewelry collection beyond the watch. He can wear just one, or several for a more fashion-forward look.

3. Chain Necklaces


Every guy can make a simple metal chain work for him. Having a couple of go-to pieces for the workweek is an easy way to switch up any style.

4. Cuff Links


Of course, cuff links have their traditional use, but they can also add fun detail in new ways. Guys can switch it up by placing a cuff link in their blazer’s lapel buttonhole.

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