Must-Have Jewelry

The office, Friday night on the town, a blind date, a wedding—all different occasions that beg for different pieces out of a woman’s jewelry box, or do they? With just five basic jewelry items, a woman can have stylish accessories for any occasion.

  1. Stud Earrings


Elegance, class and, most importantly, function get rolled together in these essential earrings. Whether diamond-studded or with colored gems, sparkling studs are easily the most versatile earrings and can be a woman’s single go-to jewelry item every day. With the luxury of beauty and the practicality of convenience, studs can also be a source of understated style at work, at the gym or as the polished backdrop for a more formal outfit and occasion.

  1. Hoop Earrings


A pair of medium-sized silver hoops should be a fixture in any woman’s jewelry box. Like their stud equivalents, hoop earrings provide women with a combination of style and function that makes them a great option for any occasion. Those medium-sized hoops will be equally at home in the office or on a date. Narrow diamond-embedded hoops say she’s ready to shine while extra-large hoops say she’s ready for the club. Either way, hoop (and stud) earrings are a great way for women to maximize their jewelry budget by investing in a classy look that they’ll repeatedly wear.

  1. A Cocktail Ring

Every girl needs a secret weapon in her jewelry box that she breaks out from time to time, perhaps for effect or maybe “just because.” That would be her cocktail ring. No matter what she is wearing, whether she is 20-something or 80-something, a woman needs a vibrant ring that stands alone to reflect her personality and uniqueness. Color is key when it comes to a woman’s cocktail ring. It should be subtle enough to fit the occasion but bold enough to jump out from whatever she’s wearing. But don’t be fooled by the name. While a cocktail ring is great for instigating flirty cocktail hour conversation, it is also perfect for adding flair to a professional look, an intimate date night outfit or a fun girls’-night-out getup.

  1. A Long Necklace

Cultured South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Strand

With a long necklace, women have the time machine to blend the modern contents of their jewelry box with the timeless style of the ’30s and ’40s. Whether made of pearls or layered with crafty pendants, long necklaces go with any outfit and can make an easy transition from chic casual necklace to classic formal piece. Their length also allows them to be tiered, knotted or doubled up, multiplying the style options they provide!

  1. A Bracelet

Diamond Bar Bracelet in 14k White Gold

Similar to a good pair of stud earrings, a go-to bracelet is a must for every woman’s jewelry collection. A bracelet adds sophistication to outfits both casual and formal, and it can showcase personal expression. This versatility makes a delicate tennis bracelet or bold bangles a stylish accoutrement for a big day or just a day out and about.

Once these five jewelry pieces are inside a woman’s jewelry box, she’ll be reaping the benefits of their versatility and style time and time again. Not only will she save time by having the perfect piece before her next night out, she’ll also save big on her long-term jewelry investments.

Start building a Wish List with the essentials.

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