Maid of Honor Duties

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be the maid of honor in someone special’s wedding. The bride will need help before, during and after the wedding, and you will be her right-hand woman every step of the way! This is such a wonderful honor and something that you will cherish for years to come.

Before the Wedding:

  • Go wedding dress shopping with the bride.
    The bride will value your honest and genuine input when shopping for her gown. Take pictures and help her stay organized as she looks at different dresses.
  • Select bridesmaid dresses.
    This is a great opportunity to give your input on the dresses, shoes and jewelry that you think will look the best on all of the bridesmaids.
  • Plan a bridal shower.
    Coordinate with the bridesmaids to plan and choose the theme, and check with the bride to determine the best date to have the shower. As a general rule, approximately two to three months before the wedding is the best time.
  • Coordinate the bachelorette party.
    Coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids to choose the perfect destination and date. Make sure to check with the bride to find out what type of party she would like, and then respect her wishes!
  • Help with little details.
    The bride may need help addressing invitations, folding programs or hot-gluing centerpieces. Whatever the task, be ready to lend a helping hand!

On the Wedding Day:

  • Stay with the bride.
    Make sure you’re by her side all day for whatever she needs, whether it be helping her get ready or finding aspirin!
  • Assist the bridesmaids.
    Make sure that they have their dresses and accessories and know where to be at all times.
  • Create a calm atmosphere.
    Make a private environment for the bride to get ready so that she isn’t stressed out while dressing or waiting for the ceremony to begin.
  • Help the bride get ready.
    Ensure that she has everything she needs, from the veil to the bouquet. During the ceremony, straighten her train and dress and hold her bouquet. Remember to smile!
  • Help direct traffic.
    As the ceremony comes to an end, make sure the guests know where to go and what to do regarding pictures and transportation to the reception.

After the Ceremony:

  • Get the bride ready for the reception.
    Whether she needs a moment to breathe or to touch up her makeup, be ready to jump in and help!
  • Give a speech.
    While it isn’t always customary, the maid of honor generally makes a speech at the reception after the best man. If this is expected, make sure that you are ready to deliver.
  • Dance!
    Head out to the dance floor and get the crowd moving. No bride wants an empty dance floor at her wedding!
  • Coordinate with the bridesmaids.
    Make sure that the bridesmaids are around for the cake cutting, first dances and bouquet toss. Their presence is important to the bride during these milestone moments, so take charge!
  • Organize the gifts.
    Be sure that all of the gifts are in one place and that someone is in charge of taking them from the reception. That someone may be you!

Most importantly, have fun and make sure that the bride has the most wonderful day of her life!

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