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Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

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Looking for ways to keep your special jewelry safe? Here are five clever ideas that will give you peace of mind, knowing your prized pieces will always be exactly where you left them.

1. Secret Book

A hollow book safe is a simple way to store your jewelry. Etsy has dozens of book safes in different styles and designs, or you can try making your own with this easy DIY tutorial.

2. Pantry Items

Who would ever think to look in the pantry for precious jewelry? A diversion safe is a great way to keep your pieces hidden and safe.

3. Wall Clock

Anyone passing through your home will think it is just a wall clock, but inside, you can safely store your jewelry. This is a practical and secretive way to protect your pieces.

4. A Painting

Your favorite painting can do double duty and also serve as a secret hiding spot for your beloved jewelry. Here is a DIY tutorial to help you build your own hidden jewelry box.

5. Hanging Closet Safe

Keep your favorite jewelry with your favorite clothes! With a hanging closet safe, your valuables will blend in with the rest of your wardrobe.

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