June Bride

For those who are planning or have planned a wedding, you probably asked yourself why June weddings are so popular. I know I have heard the phrase “June bride” just about my entire life. There are even movies about June brides, like the movie “Bride Wars” with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. The plot revolves around two brides who both wanted to get married in June at the Plaza Hotel. There is another movie aptly named “June Bride” starring Bette Davis, which was made in 1948. I wanted to know if there was more to it than popularity, so I did a little research.

Most people don’t realize how far back the tradition goes. The custom of having a June wedding date goes back thousands of years to ancient Rome. The goddess Juno was the protector of women in all aspects of life, but especially marriage and childbearing. Because of this, a wedding in the month of Juno was considered good luck.

Continuing on through the years, a June wedding aligned well with harvest. It meant a summer pregnancy, so the mother-to-be could help with the harvest. In the Victorian era, June weddings were ideal because of the weather and availability of flowers.

With the popularity of outdoor weddings on the rise, it is no surprise that June has maintained its appeal. The weather in the month of June is more predictable than that of the rainy month of May and milder in temperature than the hot month of July. Fifteen percent of all weddings still take place in June, and June is one of the first months to book up at a venue.

As my fiancé and I looked at dates, I have to admit that June was at the top of our list. I wanted an outdoor wedding with beautiful flowers and loads to pick from, but venue availability and pricing during the month of June made it obvious that having a June wedding could not be a nonnegotiable for us.

For those who do choose nuptial bliss in the month of June, you are not alone! A long line of brides before you chose the same.

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