Jewelry Tips & Tricks to Save You Time

As an avid collector of all things jewelry, I have learned some helpful tips and tricks over the years for keeping jewelry neat, clean and fully accessible. Here are some simple ways you can keep your precious jewelry in sight and in great condition.

The Button Trick


Keeping tiny things organized can be difficult, especially when you’re traveling. This button trick is great because it keeps your earrings together. Fish out one of your spare buttons, place your stud earrings in the holes and tighten the backs, just like you would if you were putting them in your ears.

The Paperclip Trick


One of the things I hear a lot when it comes to wearing bracelets is how difficult it is to put them on. With the help of a paperclip, I found a way to make this so much easier. Open up a paperclip and loop it through the “O ring” or “J clasp” to hold it in place while you clasp the bracelet. It’s like having a third hand! I have tried it with many different bracelet styles and it has worked well with all of them.

Tips for Traveling with Necklaces


You pack your necklaces for a vacation or a weekend trip thinking they are neatly in place, but when you arrive at the hotel and pull them out they are in the biggest tangle. Now what? I recently went through this myself, and it took 30 minutes for me to untangle all of my pieces. I have since found a great solution that will prevent this from happening again. Thread the chain of your necklaces through a straw and then secure the clasp to keep them tangle-free!

Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home


I know that for many people, bringing jewelry to the store to have it cleaned is a chore. With that in mind, I have a few helpful tips for cleaning your jewelry at home. For sterling silver pieces, my best suggestion is to simply wipe them down with a silver cloth regularly. For those items that have really built up a tarnish, I suggest a method using hot salt water, aluminum foil and a large bowl. Line the bowl with foil and add hot salt water, then place the items in the bowl and make sure all the surfaces touch the foil. I would not recommend using this method for jewelry with stones. For gold and platinum, I recommend warm water and dish soap with a soft toothbrush. Soak your jewelry for a few minutes and then gently brush it clean. These tricks aren’t earth-shattering, but they certainly make caring for jewelry much easier!

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