Introducing Oregon Sunstone

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At Shane Co., we’re always looking to add completely unique pieces to our fashion collection. This fall, we’re excited to introduce jewelry featuring Oregon sunstone. Never heard of this captivating stone? It’s the official gemstone of the state of Oregon, and it’s been admired for many centuries. Oregon sunstone has even been discovered in Viking burial grounds. Inspired by its distinctive beauty, our buyers worked directly with a mine in Oregon to purchase this exotic gemstone for these new pieces.

Oregon sunstone is found naturally in a range of colors, from peachy orange to a deeper red. The color is determined by the abundance and size of the copper platelets within the stone. Shane Co. worked very closely with the miners to make sure only the most beautifully colored gemstones made their way into our jewelry, which means we cannot reorder these stones quickly. It takes time and patience to find the perfect color!


The stones are set in high-quality 14 karat rose gold. The peachy stone looks stunning paired with the blushing metal, creating a trendy, fashion-forward look that is perfect for fall. Need more reasons to love it? In ancient Greece, sunstone was believed to bring life and abundance to whoever was lucky enough to own it. It’s 10,000 times rarer than a ruby, and is very rarely found in other jewelry stores.

To view more Oregon sunstone jewelry, visit or stop by your local store.

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