Handcrafted Lockets for Mom

Still looking for a perfect gift for Mom? We’re so excited to introduce two new locket designs from Italy featuring handcrafted detail, just in time for Mother’s Day. Here’s an insider look at how each one is made!

The lockets start from a strip of silver that is thick enough to cut into a round or heart design. Next, the front of the locket is engraved using a laser cutting tool, creating a delicate design.


The pieces are then soldered together by hand to create the locket. It’s then ready for the first polishing, followed by a washing process and then another round of polishing.


After the second polishing, the fabrics and Plexiglas are cut into the appropriate shapes and mounted into the locket piece by piece. The person who mounts these pieces also tests the hinges of the locket.


Finally, the locket receives one last polish with a light brush. To find these lockets, visit ShaneCo.com.

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