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Getting the Most out of Your Jewelry Budget

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The sky is the limit for choices in jewelry. Unfortunately, the typical budget often has a slightly lower limit. With thoughtful planning and the right choices, however, you can maximize your budget so your jewelry investments stretch further.

Invest in Versatile Pieces

Much like a well-worn pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers, some jewelry pieces never go out of style, which means women will get their money’s worth in wearing them. Simple, understated items like diamond studs, silver hoops and tennis bracelets are versatile jewelry pieces that make a smart investment because they can be worn with everything from the most extravagant evening dress to shorts and a tank top. Their functionality also makes them a long-lasting gift.

Consistent Care and Cleaning Keeps Jewelry Like New

Proper care and cleaning makes every penny spent on jewelry worthwhile by keeping metals smooth and diamonds sparkling for years to come. Shane Co. covers every purchase with a Free Lifetime Warranty that includes free inspections, cleanings and maintenance for the life of your jewelry as long as you own it.

Follow the Four Cs for Smart Gemstone Purchasing

A lot of investment goes into purchasing the right gemstone gift—time, research, sentiment and, not to mention, money. That’s why you need to be informed on the Diamond Four Cs: carat, clarity, color and cut. By understanding these, you will be able to make the right choice for your special someone’s showpiece.

Store Jewelry Safely and Properly

Safekeeping is essential to preserving the value and quality of your jewelry investment. You need to know what kind of bedtime ritual your jewelry requires. For instance, pearls should always be stored separately in a soft cloth bag to avoid scuffing. Fabric-lined jewelry cases should be used so that jewelry doesn’t move around. A leather travel carrier is a perfect solution when on the go.

Learn more about making your budget stretch further with jewelry care and maintenance.

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