Four Jewelry Commandments for Summer 2015

Fashion magazines have spoken on the top jewelry styles for summer 2015. Now, of course, it can be a bit hard to translate some of the outrageous styles from the runway into real life, so we’re here to help! We’ve distilled everything down to a few major trends, and thus we present to you the jewelry commandments for summer 2015. We even threw in some stylish fashion inspiration!

1. Thou shalt rock cuffs

Metallic cuffs, statement cuffs, stacked cuffs—this summer, you should be wearing cuff bracelets galore!





2. Thou shalt seek inspiration from the sea

Nautical is in! From coral and deep sea blue tones to starfish and anchors, now is your opportunity to unleash your inner mermaid.




3. Thou shalt embrace the choker

Well hello, 1990! Remember those stretchy chokers you used to wear? It’s time to appreciate the big girl version. A short strand of pearls will do the trick!


4. Thou shalt layer necklaces

Gone are the days of wearing a single necklace. Layer that 16-inch necklace with an 18-inch necklace, and throw in a 20-inch chain for good measure! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can also get a pre-layered set.




What do you think of the major jewelry style trends for 2015? Personally, we’re loving them! Let us know which of these styles you will wear in the comments or tweet your faves to @ShaneCompany.

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