For the Love of Pearls

I am going to go out on a limb and assume, just for a moment, that there’s the slightest possibility that maybe someone out there does not like pearls. I am a person whose jewelry wardrobe consists almost entirely of these little gems, so to those people I would like to say: Have you considered the possibility that maybe you just haven’t found the right pearls for you yet?

Scenario 1:

I’ve had friends argue that they like the general idea of pearls, but they’re a little too vanilla. The classic strand of perfectly round, white pearls just doesn’t have enough personality for them. If this sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time for you to try a look like this:

Classic with a Twist

The pearls on the outside strands of this classically inspired necklace come in naturally occurring irregular shapes. They’re a lovely shade of blush pink, and they’re strung with amethysts to boot. Use this necklace as a bright statement piece to bring life and personality to the most basic outfits. Pair it with a bright pair of heels and matching earrings, and no one is going to accuse you of wearing grandma’s pearls.


Scenario 2:

You’re young. You’re edgy. You’ve never even considered wearing pearls because they’re such a classic, old-fashioned piece that would be at odds with your personal look. Or would they? Consider this look:

Rock ‘n’ Pearl

Surprise! This necklace features a cultured South Sea pearl caged in diamonds and 14k white gold with a black rhodium finish. Pearls don’t have to be in strands or the classic drop pendant—they can rock out just as hard as any other gem. Grab your leather jacket and your new black Tahitian pearls and you’ll feel more stylish than ever!



Scenario 3:

For whatever reason, you simply don’t like pearls and I should stop trying to convince you. But hold on—have you considered:

Minimalist Pearls

These beautiful vintage-inspired pieces have pearls on them, but the pearls are not the focal point. Admirers will be drawn to the delicately swirling filigree, sparkling diamonds and vintage charm before they ever notice the pearls around the outside of each piece. If you’re not ready to commit to pearls, these might be just right for you!





Have I convinced you yet? Let us know what style you like best!

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