Trend Alert: Personalized Charm Pendants

Custom jewelry is great, isn’t it? We love the idea of special little trinkets that are perfectly and uniquely you. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to rush out and commission a one-of-a-kind piece.

Charms are a great way to personalize jewelry—you can mix and match your favorite symbols, stones, metal tones and just about anything else you can think of. Bonus: Stacking your favorite charms is perfectly on trend!

With Shane Co.’s huge charm selection, you can collect charms as time goes on. What we’d suggest is beginning with a little “starter kit.” Here are some of our favorite go-tos to get you started!

Step 1: Pick your chain 

OctBlogPost_41072506_41072520_41010733_660x400Snake chain, box chain or diamond chain? Yellow gold or white gold? Whatever your preference, start out with one that’s completely your style. You can always add new chains to your collection!



Step 2: Pick a charm with a personal connection 

OctBlogPost_41068575_660x400Start your charm set with something close to your heart. An engravable shape or the first letter of your child’s name set with his or her birthstone color are two great options.



Step 3: Pick a charm that represents a life event 

OctBlogPost_41074583_660x400A lovely thing about charms is they can tell a story! If you studied abroad in Paris, an Eiffel Tower charm would be the perfect way to remember that time. If you just bought your first house, you could commemorate the event with a key charm. What stands out to you in your life story?         


Step 4: Pick something fun 

Last but not least, pick something that’s just plain fun! Do you love going out on boats? Is your favorite animal an elephant? Or maybe you think the feather charm is so darn cute, even if it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s your piece, have fun with it!



What would you choose for your first charm? Let us know in the comments below!f

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