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Personal style is simply an expression of the many facets of someone’s personality.  I definitely express my personality through my love of fashion. I love to mix patterns, fabrics and colors to create unique ensembles that are not only expressions of how I’m feeling at the moment, but who I am. My wardrobe collection spans from vintage garments sourced from thrift stores and hipster shops, to more contemporary pieces. I have an affinity for intricate designs and bold colors.  In a word, I would say my personal style is Eclectic.

I love working at Shane Co. because I have access to so many unique and beautiful pieces that make pulling together an outfit fun and simple. On any given day whether I’m looking for a pop of color or a beautiful statement piece, I can always find the perfect jewelry that ties everything together.

41066043Some of my work wardrobe consists of structured blazers and pencil skirts to which I like to add to an elegant strand of pearls and pearl stud earring.


For a more relaxed work day I sport a pair of wide legged slacks and a cardigan along with my favorite diamond and sterling silver pendant. I love it! I wear it almost every day and it just so happens to look great with everything!

41062132Outside of work I love to style boho-chic garb with a cute pair of dangling sterling silver earrings, and a stack of sassy silver bracelets.

 Whether it’s for work or play, from trendy styles to classic, I can always find the perfect treasure at Shane Co.

A snapshot of my personal style at Shane Co.!
A snapshot of my personal style at Shane Co.!

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