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Ladies…I have a secret to share with you. Our men are fibbing. When it comes to holidays, special occasions, life events or just because, they ALSO want special gifts. They even want special gifts that come in little grey and maroon boxes tied with a little bow from Shane Co. You already know that Shane Co. offers great gifts for you, but did you know we have an entire Men’s Collection at each store and online as well? These gifts include many engravable items you can personalize to commemorate a special day for the men in your life.

Whether you’re purchasing something for your husband, fiancé, father, brother, nephew, son or any other special man, we have the perfect meaningful gift. Just like we remember the occasion we received our special Shane Co. pieces, he will remember why you thought to give him a lasting piece. A few of the items we offer in our Men’s Collection are tie clips, cuff links, crosses, dog tags, chains, collar stays, money clips, and other items to adorn his wrist and hands. Almost all of these items can be engraved with initials, a message, or the date of a special occasion

Need a great gift for graduation? What about a great pair of cuff links monogrammed or with your guy’s new alma mater engraved on them? These would be a piece he may only wear on special occasions, but will be sure to get compliments on every time he does.

Upon getting his first job or a promotion, get him a set of collar stays. He doesn’t know he needs these, but he sure does. Collar stays provide a crisp look so his collar always stays in place. We can even engrave these with any message you want so you and him know there is a secret around his neck but no one else knows it’s there!

You wedding is the perfect time to get him a special gift he can cherish forever. A tie clip or dog tag with your anniversary date engraved on it makes for a wonderful groom’s gift. (He also won’t be able to forget your anniversary this way! It’s a gift for you AND him!!)

Since many items in our Men’s Collection are able to be personalized, it makes it easy for you to document any special occasion with any gift in the Collection.

We are constantly adding new pieces to our Men’s Collection and update it regularly with brand new, Shane Co. exclusive items you cannot find anywhere else. We always have the perfect gift for any man in your life at any stage in his life. Be sure to check out what we have in the Men’s Collection the next time you are in for your six month cleaning. You may even be able to put an item in layaway for him and get some shopping checked off your list for the next big occasion or holiday that always seems to be around the corner.  Author

Blog Author: Rachel Kalil

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