Jewelry “To-Do” Before the “I Do”

With the biggest day of your life approaching, the best way to stay on top of all the wedding tasks is by sticking to a list. Amidst the planning for cakes, flowers, bridal gifts, music, caterer, venue and wedding day wardrobe, your jewelry should be considered too. Don’t miss these quick tips that will help make you sparkle on your big day!

1. Make sure your rings are cleaned, polished and camera-ready. Shane Co. offers complimentary ring cleaning and polishing. If your ring is white gold, it can also be plated with rhodium, which makes it nice and bright white! Please note, this process takes a few days, so plan ahead! If you’re unable to make it into Shane Co. to have your rings professionally cleaned, here’s a quick DIY remedy.

  • Place a coffee cup filled with water in the microwave for two minutes.
  • Dilute hot water with an ammonia-based cleaning spray (i.e. Windex). Six sprays will do!
  • Set rings in the hot solution and wait five minutes.
  • Scrub rings with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

2. Be sure you have selected a necklace that works with the neckline of your dress. I always recommend bringing the piece you select to the last dress fitting, so if the necklace length needs to be adjusted, you have plenty of time.

3. Get the earrings right. Generally studs are best if you plan to have your hair down, and dangles are a good choice if you have your hair up. Check out these stunning styles:

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4. Bracelets are a nice touch. Add some more sparkle and shine to your look with one or two bracelets. Just be careful they won’t snag your wedding dress!

5. If you plan to wear a hair accessory… Make sure it matches your jewelry. It should complete your look, not compete with it. Also, don’t forget to bring the piece to your hair trial so your stylist knows you’re wearing it.

6. Keep your rings safe! You should have a separate ring box for each of the wedding bands to keep them clean and safe before the ceremony. To shop beautiful jewelry for your big day, visit

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