Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

At one time, the mother of the bride had a standard “uniform”—usually a dress in a pastel or neutral shade with simple jewelry. However, Mom now has much more freedom and the jewelry options are endless. Here are our top picks for the MOB for each season!


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Summer weddings always call for bright colors, giving the mother of the bride an opportunity to have some fun. Earrings like these yellow sapphire beauties are sure to turn heads, without drawing attention away from the blushing bride. Pair them with this vintage-inspired pendant and they’ll really pop against any dress. For the final touch, a classic diamond tennis bracelet will complete the look.


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Fall weddings are becoming more and more popular. Colors tend to be darker and are reminiscent of the changing leaves. The mother of the bride will fit right in with these carnelian earrings and beaded necklace. For a touch of subtle sparkle, we recommend this swirl bangle bracelet. The combination of bold red and stunning sparkle will complement both the season and the outfit.


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Winter weddings warrant pearl jewelry that is elegant and classic, like these mother-of-pearl studs. They’ll look stunning with a cultured freshwater pearl bracelet and a sentimental Mother & Child pendant.


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Soft, pure colors are perfect for the mother of the bride at a spring wedding. Start the look with amethyst and diamond earrings with a matching necklace, then complete the outfit with an amethyst bracelet. Purple looks great with every spring color, so amethyst is a foolproof choice!

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