How to Style Earrings With Your AirPods

Who says techy can’t be fashionable? If you love wearing your AirPods wherever you go, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to make sure your accessories groove with your technology. So we met with our designers and tried out nearly every earring style there is. Read on for our beautiful conclusions!

Thin hoops

Woman wearing gold hoops with airPods.

Thinner hoops can work wonderfully with AirPods because they can be easily maneuvered to the side. We don’t recommend a bulkier hoop because they can end up making an annoying clicking sound that we’re sure you won’t want to listen to. Something small and thin works better and has the added bonus of looking super chic.

Thin yellow gold hoop earrings.

Get the look with these 14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings, priced at $250. Also available in white and rose gold.


Woman wearing yellow gold dangles with airPods.

If you simply can’t live without a statement earring, go with a dangle that hangs down from your ear off a French, fish or leverback hook. Your AirPods should be able to rest on top easily or push the earring aside without any potential damage.

Yellow gold half-circle dangle earrings.

Get the look with these Double Dangle Swing Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold, priced at $320.


Woman wearing threader earrings with AirPods.

Threaders were by far our top choice for AirPod pairing. Why? They’re thin, they don’t have posts, and they hang beautifully alongside your earbuds. We also had no fear of losing our AirPods because of accidental interaction with our jewelry.

Rose gold threader earrings.

Get the look with these Threader Earrings in 14k Rose Gold, priced at $95. Also available in yellow and white gold.

Tip: Avoid studs at all cost, unless they’re in a second or third hole. They don’t work with the AirPod dynamic – there’s a chance the stud will push your earbud forward and you could end up losing your favorite piece of tech.

Other ideas for AirPod jewelry

Yellow gold dangle strand earrings.

These 14k Yellow Gold Dangle Strand Earrings give off a disco vibe without being too loud. Made up of three chains each, they’ll look great swinging next to your AirPods.

Rose gold diamond huggie hoop earrings.

Diamond 14k Rose Gold Hoop Earrings are small enough to avoid interaction with your earbuds. They also feature a modern infinity design and 14 brilliant round diamonds for that extra sparkle.

Yellow Gold pear-shaped dangle threader earrings.

Our 14k Yellow Gold Threader-Style Dangle Earrings and graceful and elegant, featuring a unique pear-shaped gold dangle at the end of each chain.

Pearl threader earrings.

Timeless pearls make an on-trend appearance with these 6mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl Threader Earrings. Made with high-quality sterling silver, show off your impeccable taste with six lustrous cultured pearls.

The Shane Co. difference

Made with ethically and directly sourced diamonds and gemstones, Shane Co. jewelry is built to last even longer than your tech. We use quality standards that go well beyond the 4 C’s, handpicking stones based on their particular sparkle and beauty. Our high-quality sterling silver, yellow, white and signature shade of rose gold shines beautifully in thousands of exclusive designs. After four generations of craftsmanship, our commitment to developing long-lasting relationships with our customers sets us apart from the big box retailers. We offer the very best in style and value are truly are your friend in the jewelry business.

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