How to Personalize Her Gift

During the holidays, it’s easy to put pressure on ourselves to find something wonderful for those we love most. Personally, I love nothing more than gifts that have a lot of meaning and personalization. Here are four of my favorite ideas for customizing her gift:

1. Incorporate her favorite colors.

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Show the person you’re gift-hunting for just how well you know her by picking out a present in her favorite color.

2. Be symbolic.


Want to give her something that will always remind her of its special meaning? Our Forever Connected Double Circle Pendant or an infinity piece is a perfect way to symbolize your love.

3. Charm her.

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Personalized charms are the perfect way to give her something that says you care. Think about your loved one’s favorite things and find charms to match—you can create a necklace or a bracelet she’ll adore.

4. Engrave something meaningful.


Have something to say? You could also go the engraving route. Some of our favorite engraving ideas include the coordinates of where you got married, a meaningful song lyric and the birthdates of special people and pets—the possibilities are endless! Once you decide on what you want to engrave, just pick the perfect piece and you’re on your way to an unforgettable gift.


Whatever you choose, remember: she’ll love it because it came from you!

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