Bolder! Brighter! Bigger!

Palm trees on the beach, Seychelles

It’s time again for beach vacations, long days, warm nights, and a new summer twist to your jewelry wardrobe. Even last year’s clothing styles can become new and fresh when paired with the right accessories. This summer, go bold, go bright, and go big! For a bold look, pair a statement necklace with your favorite summer dress! A bold silver necklace with rose silver flowers can be the statement piece for a solid colored ensemble. Complete the look with the matching bracelet. Or add edge to your look with a layered silver necklace plated with rose and black rhodium. The dark accents will draw attention to a chic white top. Add a classic twist to any outfit with a 100-inch endless strand of cultured freshwater pearls in stunning white or in a combination of pink, lavender, and white. These strands are versatile. Wear the strand in a knot, or wrapped several times to create a layered look, or in a dozen other ways with a sterling silver pearl shortener. A good pearl strand can follow you seamlessly from season to season.

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But don’t just go bold this summer. Go bright! Color is in, whether in soft pastels or bright neon. So if you don’t have one yet, go shopping for a right-hand ring. Sapphires at Shane Co. come in virtually every color of the rainbow from deep, rich lavender to vibrant green to brilliant yellow. Keep an eye out for one-of-a-kind sapphires in unique colors: peach, cognac, blue-green, and more. These stones sparkle from the inside, and whether you choose a sweet solitaire or a bold halo for the setting, these sapphires are sure to be eye-catching and statement making.

Or go bright with solitaire sapphire studs. Maybe a pair of green sapphire studs to go with a green aventurine bracelet.

A pair of black sapphire studs pair uniquely with the contemporary sterling silver and apatite necklace. Shop our World of Colors Collection for fashion jewelry made with all natural minerals to go with any color of stud sapphire earring.

Of course, diamonds are always in. Consider a vintage diamond right-hand ring, a classic bezel set diamond pendant, and diamond cluster studs for a formal look sure to dazzle at summer parties. Geometric shapes are making a comeback, so a contemporary baguette and round diamond ring or a chic diamond bar necklace would add angle and edge to your wardrobe. The right diamond piece adds interest to any outfit and is sure to sparkle in the summer sun.


Finally, if you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece to complete your summer wardrobe, look no further than the Bobbie Shane’s Uniquely Yours Collection. Her unique designs are bright, bold, and full of color. Her designs are sold exclusively at the Shane Co. Any of her pieces—from the freeform pink sapphire ring to the emerald cut yellow sapphire pendant to the geometrically inspired trillion diamond earrings—will be the statement piece to make your wardrobe stand out from the rest. Summer’s here, and with it comes the opportunity to take your wardrobe from average to extraordinary! Don’t let the season pass you by without visiting or store nearest you to build a bold, big, bright summer jewelry wardrobe.

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