A Groom’s Complete Guide to Accessorizing for the Big Day

Finding the right accessories to match your bride and wedding theme can be a challenge—everything from your shoes to your pocket square needs to be accounted for. Luckily, we’re here to help! Read through the tips below on how to style your look.

Classic Wedding


Shirt: For a classic and traditional wedding, stick with a white shirt or one that coordinates with the wedding colors.

Tie: To keep with tradition and still look modern, try a simple bowtie in a solid color.

Pocket Square: Match your pocket square to a color in your bride’s bouquet.

Boutonniere: A simple flower or two will look neat and handsome.

Shoes: Pick simple shoes that match the color of your suit.


Finishing Touches: These handsome sterling silver accessories will complete your classic wedding look.

 Winter Wedding


Shirt: Layering is an important part of your style for a winter wedding. Pick a shirt with a great collar and cuffs, which might be the only part of the shirt you see.

Tie: A darker color with a pattern is perfect for chilly weddings. Stripes, plaid or even polka dots can add a fun pop. Not a tie guy? Ditch it completely and throw on a scarf.

Pocket Square: Pick a color that coordinates with your shoes, scarf or something your bride is wearing.

Boutonniere: Winter white flowers, red berries, evergreen sprigs or miniature pinecones are great additions to the boutonniere.

Shoes: If you’ll be in the snow, classic duck boots are a smart choice. Sturdy shoes of any kind are a must.


Finishing Touches: Complete your cold-weather look with this chic money clip and unique cuff links.

Rustic Wedding


Shirt: A denim shirt or a simple white shirt with the sleeves rolled up is a charming look for a rustic groom.

Tie: A patterned neutral tie or a textured bowtie are great options.

Pocket Square: Many grooms opt out of a jacket with a pocket for a rustic wedding, but if you have one, try a textured fabric like burlap or a vintage handkerchief.

Boutonniere: Baby’s breath or wildflowers wrapped with twine or lace will complement your look.

Shoes: Opt for brown shoes or boots. Black might look too harsh against a natural, country backdrop.


Finishing Touches: Mother-of-pearl cuff links and a rose gold money clip are great accents for any rustic groom.

Beach Wedding


Shirt: Beach weddings are warm and breezy, so try a thin linen shirt.

Tie: You might feel out of place wearing a tie on the beach, so opt for no tie! You’ll be more comfortable.

Pocket Square: If you feel like you need a pocket square, go for a thinner fabric. A thick fabric will weigh down a thin shirt.

Boutonniere: A boutonniere made of local flowers, and maybe even a starfish or sand dollar, will have you feeling beachy.

Shoes: Who wears shoes at the beach? This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the feeling of sand under your feet while you recite your vows. If you must, wear some comfortable sandals.


Finishing Touches: These refined yet casual pieces will help you complete your beach wedding look with ease.

 Boho Wedding


Shirt: A patterned, more fitted shirt is the perfect choice for the boho groom.

Tie: Try something unique, like a bowtie made with real feathers. There are even bowties made of wood.

Pocket Square: Pick something patterned that coordinates with your shirt, but isn’t the same pattern.

Boutonniere: Unique flowers, greenery or succulents are fun ideas.

Shoes: Chukkas, dress boots or loafers are a great choice for this style.

oct-2nd_41073360_a2_bl  oct-2nd_41073366_a2_bl

Finishing Touches: Unique accessories are a must-have for a boho wedding, and you can’t go wrong with these pieces.

 Glam Wedding


Shirt: You’re probably wearing a tuxedo, so a crisp white shirt with a good collar will be perfect.

Tie: Pick a color like black or solid gold; both will fit perfectly with the fancy feel of your wedding.

Pocket Square: Match your pocket square with your tie or shirt, and pick a good quality fabric. Subtle things like the material can make a big impact.

Boutonniere: Make sure your boutonniere is made of the same flowers as your bride’s bouquet for an elegant, pulled-together look.

Shoes: Always go for black dress shoes without scuffs. Shine them to perfection before the big day.

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Finishing Touches: Yellow gold accessories are the perfect addition to a glam wedding look.

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