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Dress Up an Old Outfit with New Jewelry

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Most women have those favorite outfits—the ones they feel great in and the classics that never go out of style. While some fashion trends may come and go, we tend to get in a comfortable routine with our wardrobe, often reverting to our old standby clothing even though we know something may be missing. Thankfully, it’s never too late to teach those old outfits new tricks with fun or elegant jewelry pieces. The following are practical tips to help any woman dress up her favorite outfits with something new to create the perfect fresh look.

Contrast Neutral Colors with Bold Necklaces

Make a statement with a feature necklace. Think contrast—any solid-colored dress becomes dinner party-ready when it’s given a whole new personality by an extravagant necklace or studded pendant. She can wear a diamond piece or a beautiful colored gemstone—either will add a dimension of elegance and style to neutral blouses and tops. Sterling Silver Vertical Bar Fringe NecklaceThis strategy is great for a professional woman wanting to make a statement at work or for a mom looking to escape for a night on the town. Choose any colorful gemstone piece, diamond pendant or pearl necklace to create the most modern look out of the most classic colors like black, white or blue.

Make Earrings the Feature of the Outfit

Some outfits aren’t suited for a statement necklace, but they do beg for that something special. Earrings are a convenient and standard way for women to accessorize and even experiment with different looks. Dress up any old ensemble with a pair of head-turning studs, hoops or pearls.

Marquise Amethyst and Round Diamond EarringsAs with necklaces, contrast in style also applies to earrings. If the outfit has a simple elegance, go big and bold on earrings. For flashier clothing, dainty fashions are the perfect complement. Diamond hoops or dangles will add an element of sophistication and beauty to everyday fashion, making them a great addition to a classic outfit or a simple school-day dress. For simplicity, consider subtle, modern studs or jackets as a great pairing for vintage classics like those favorite jeans and tops, or that party dress that wants to be taken out again.

Try on Trendiness with a Skinny RingSkinny Stackable Rings

Today’s trendy skinny rings also do wonders for updating old outfits. No matter if it’s faded jeans on a day of errands or an old blazer at work, any clothing is sent fashion-forward by these unique, stackable rings. These hip little rings can be worn two- or three-deep on the same finger, making them a modern feature for wearers of any age. Of course, a classic gemstone ringwill add a regal aura to any fashion. The best advice is to wear a ring that instills confidence and aligns with other rings worn at the same time.

Use a Bracelet to Add Distinction

Charm Bangles

For women whose tastes stray away from rings or necklaces, bracelets are a fantastic alternative to modernize any classic. Styles can range from simple to elaborate, and sizes span small and dainty pieces to bangles and layers. Professional outfits can be set off with a fabulous tennis bracelet just as easily as a charm bangle. Bracelets also have the eclectic function to take flannels, jackets and tees right into the bohemian style trends of today. Layering brightly colored chain or cultured bracelets will provide the trendy contrast to make casual clothes ready for a chic day in the city.

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