DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Most women start out with just a few special pieces of jewelry, such as a classic pair of diamond studs and a timeless strand of pearls. However, a few pieces can quickly turn into multiple bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and more. So how does a woman with an ever-growing jewelry collection store it all?

Nowadays it’s not necessary to go out and spend tons of money on expensive jewelry boxes just to keep pendants and earrings organized. There are many creative ways to organize and display a whole jewelry wardrobe with things most people already have in their house. Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas.



Did you know your necklaces can double as home décor? Take a wooden plank and drill holes into it, then attach little hooks to hang necklaces from. Hang it on the wall and it’s not only an organizing tool, but also a great way to show off your necklaces when they aren’t being worn!



An easy and affordable jewelry organization idea is to paint and decorate recycled glass bottles that you can stack bracelets on. You could also use candlesticks or a vintage paper towel holder.



To organize earrings, buy cheap plastic storage drawers and place some fun colored foam from a local craft store inside. Then take your earrings and hook them right into the foam. You will never have to dig for matching pairs in your jewelry pouches again.



A great way to keep all your rings organized is to store them in unique, colorful dishes that match the color of your jewelry. Place the dishes in an empty cabinet or drawer and you can pull them out to match your outfit of the day.

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