Diamond Ring Styles 101

Life is filled with many special events. Celebrate those moments with sparkle. Mark your anniversary, her birthday, a promotion or just say “I love you” with a diamond ring.

With hand-matched diamonds and unique designs, our diamond rings make the perfect celebratory gift for any occasion. Show her how much she sparkles during each milestone with any one of these gorgeous styles.

But what makes a pavé ring pavé? What does prong-set mean? We’re here to break down some of the most popular diamond ring styles so you can easily select the perfect ring that will amaze her.


Pavé rings are classic and timeless. But what does it mean, exactly? Pavé is a setting for mounting small diamonds and gemstones. The word “pavé” is derived from the French word meaning “pavement.” Just as stones are paved on the street, the diamonds are “paved” on the surface of the jewelry. This is done as a tight grouping of same-size stones. It creates ultimate sparkle due to the small amount of space between the stones.


The term prong-set refers to the use of claws formed in the metal to secure a diamond or gemstone into a piece of jewelry. This is a common setting for engagement rings, but can also be applied to diamond rings and other pieces. This setting allows light to strike the stone from more angles, thus showing off even more of the stones’ brilliance and sparkle.


Vintage, yet chic. Bezel-set stones are surrounded partially or entirely by a metal rim. A great advantage of this setting is that it protects the stone’s girdle (the outer edge of the stone) from being nicked or chipped, ensuring a worry-free lifetime of sparkle.


As the name implies, this type of setting is characterized by diamonds or gemstones set into a channel in the metal without any additional metal separating the stones. This gives the row of stones an even surface and creates the illusion that they are floating within the ring. It also creates stunning sparkle.

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