Terrence and Leah’s Long-Distance Proposal

One of the many things I love about working at Shane Co. is that I get to be a part of the happiest, most memorable time in my customers’ lives. When Terrence first came into our Alpharetta store he was nervous, to say the least. He wanted to give his love the perfect ring: a simple solitaire topped with a beautiful round brilliant diamond. He couldn’t have been more excited! He beamed every time he spoke of Leah and I could tell he was deeply in love.

As we examined diamonds, he shared with me that he and Leah had been together for three years but she had recently moved to California for work. He planned to surprise her with a proposal on her upcoming visit, and would ultimately move to the West Coast to be with her.

After the proposal Terrence brought Leah in to look at wedding bands. It was apparent to everyone in the store that day that their love was as radiant as the diamond on her finger. She loved it, and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

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I mentioned that Terrence would be moving with her to California soon and she excitedly told me there was no need, that she had decided to move back to Atlanta to be with him! She went on to tell us the story of how Terrence got down on one knee and proposed. All of us women gathered around to swoon.

We all wanted to know more, so I took the liberty of asking Terrence and Leah a few questions. Get your tissues out!

How did you two meet?

She said: We met at a random party on August 8, 2009. A friend of mine from New York was visiting Atlanta for the first time, and she wanted to experience the nightlife. I wasn’t really into the whole party scene, so randomly I picked an all-white party hosted by a former college buddy of mine. Turns out the party wasn’t the “happening spot.” My girls and I ended up dancing with each other in the center of the empty dance floor. Then a group of guys came along, pretty much in the same situation.

Terrence’s twin brother approached my buddy from New York, and by the end of the night Terrence and I shared a dance. As we were leaving, Terrence invited us to join them the next evening to help continue his birthday celebration. We exchanged numbers, but I chose to not join him the next evening. Two years later we began dating.

He said: Leah and I met the weekend of my 23rd birthday, on August 8th, 2009, at a white party in downtown Atlanta. She had a friend in town and was trying to be the life of the party. I also had plans to party with my friends all weekend. I noticed her dancing along with her sister and few of her friends. I tested my luck and approached her to dance with me. From what she says, she gave me her number by the end of the night as a way to entertain her company. Well unfortunately, I didn’t see her again for a while after that weekend, but we did stay in touch for a few months. From texting and talking on the phone to a friendly dinner, we took our time…and the rest is history!

When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him/her?

She said: In 2013, I moved to California, not knowing a single soul out there. This was a dream I had been working toward for four years. I left with the intent of following my own dream, despite the fact that it separated me from Terrence. I had to do this for myself. Terrence without hesitation supported my decision.

Though miles apart, our relationship continued and my love, trust and admiration for Terrence grew stronger. All of a sudden, every new thing I learned, every new dish I tried, every new person I met and every new adventure I experienced left me with a feeling of “this would be so much better if Terrence was here.” With Terrence, my life has more laughter, more love, more warmth, more self-awareness and more purpose. I want that for the rest of my life.

He said: I knew early on in our relationship that I wanted to marry Leah. Even when we considered each other just friends, I was attracted to everything about her. I always have told her that she’s the first person I met that I could actually see myself marrying!

What do you love about each other most?

She said: Terrence’s genuine kindness. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, I promise! His kindness feeds my appetite to love him more and be my best person. I love him!

He said: Leah and I balance each other out. As cliché as it may sound, she’s the yin to my yang. She also matches me emotionally and spiritually. She has a beautiful heart and it shows through her smile.

How did you propose?

July Social Images_660x400-Customer-Proposal

He said: Leah had been living in California at the time, and I personally knew that I wanted to propose before the end of the year. With her coming home for the holidays, I narrowed my ring choices down to two that were in my budget. Something told me to visit Shane Co. the week of Thanksgiving. There I met Miss Sharie Grant. She assisted me in the finding the best diamond ring I had ever seen, and once I had a ring, I was more than ready. I believe I picked it up the next day and the following day Leah flew into town.

My original plan was to propose during her sister’s baby shower around her family. When those plans changed, I had to improvise. The morning after Thanksgiving we were supposed to drive to Macon, GA. Before our trip I took Leah to get her hair done at Avalon Alpharetta! From there I reached out to her sister, who wasn’t too far away. I managed to grab some flowers and a small Santa hat. After Leah’s hair appointment I walked her outside next to a huge Christmas tree. It was there that I asked her if she wanted to go shopping. Little did she know I had her sister show up with her husband, and her niece presented her with the flowers while wearing the hat. With that as my decoy, I surprised her when she turned around! She said “Yes!” Our wedding date is exactly 6 years from the day that we met each other!

It’s always nice to see true love in action. Terrence and Leah will be married on August 8, 2015. They are one of my favorite couples to date and I am happy to have been even a small part of their story.

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