Rachael & David’s Disney World Proposal

There’s nothing we love more than hearing our customers’ proposal stories, and this one’s absolutely magical!

Rachael met David during her junior year of college. She worked at the university’s information desk, and David was involved with the student government. She noticed David would spend a lot of time near the desk while she was working, and pretty quickly realized it was because he was interested! The two started hanging out more and eventually began dating. After about a year together, she knew she wanted to marry him and started dropping hints.

Rachael is a huge fan of all things Disney. When she found out her family had a trip planned to Disney World, she couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. A lot of her friends from college who graduated before her lived in Orlando, and she had been wanting to visit them. Two weeks before her family’s trip, one of her friends from Orlando called and suggested she try to book a last-minute flight. Rachael did not have the money, but her dad agreed to buy tickets for Rachael and her sister! She couldn’t believe it.

The first two days in Orlando were a blast! On the third night, Rachael and her friends went to the Boardwalk resort, her absolute favorite place in the park. The group was walking around the water, taking pictures, when Rachael’s sister suggested they all go into the gazebo. Rachael started walking up to it and there was David!

She approached him in her Minnie Mouse ears, full of excitement. “So, this took a lot of scheming,” David said. He had secretly planned the whole trip for Rachael, with the help of her family and friends. After telling her how much he loved her, David dropped to one knee and proposed! Rachael said “yes” and the two walked around the boardwalk and met up with Rachael’s family and friends to celebrate.

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Rachael’s engagement ring is a vintage-inspired beauty! The two visited a Shane Co. store to browse when they were visiting friends in Louisville. After trying on a few styles, David pointed to one and said, “This is the one you want.” Once she tried it on, she knew he was right. David secretly went back to buy the engagement ring she found that day. It’s absolutely perfect for her!

Rachael and David are getting married this coming Labor Day weekend. We couldn’t be more excited for them!

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