Proposing in the Desert Botanical Gardens

This adorable couple won a recent Shane Co. proposal photo contest. Here’s their love story:

“Kimberly and I met in April 2011. We were both on a dating website, just seeing what was out there. She had amazing eyes, gorgeous brown hair and a feisty personality that couldn’t help but grab my attention. We also had a lot in common, including a love for dogs, working out, hiking and motorcycles. We dated for a little over two years before briefly breaking up. In April 2014, we got back in contact again. We both wanted to see each other and catch up on everything, so we planned a trip up north to Flagstaff. We had such a great time and, realizing what we were missing, were soon back together, feeling very strongly for each other as if we had lost no time at all.

We started talking about getting married shortly after we got back together. We looked for rings for about a month, going to Shane Co. three times together. We both wanted a ring that was unique—something that could hold a good-sized diamond without taking away from the beauty of the band. It took us until the third visit to finally find “the one” that we both agreed upon.


We actually started planning the venue and other details a couple of months before I proposed. I wanted to make sure she remembered it but that it wasn’t anything too cliché or boring. The Desert Botanical Garden has an event every Christmas season and this seemed like the perfect place to propose. We had Foskett Creative already set up to do the wedding pictures, so I asked the photographer to come with me to the Desert Botanical Garden one night so that we could find a place with good lighting. When we came to the Star Galleria, in a section of the gardens called the luminaries, I knew that I had found the place. The luminaries were spiraling around in four or five separate rows, creating a pathway to a tree of candles in the center. It instantaneously reminded me of Kimberly’s fondness for the stars and the night sky. I knew she would absolutely love it.

We got there on December 30, just as the sun had started to dip toward the horizon. I was set up with a hidden microphone under my blazer so we could catch the whole proposal on video. All I had to do was wait for the photographer’s text, which would let me know when to head over for the perfect lighting. I didn’t feel nervous in the least as we were walking around the exhibit. Then I got the text. Butterflies flooded my stomach as we made our way over to the spot and I was trying hard not to show it. I felt for the remote in my pocket that would make the custom “Kim, Will You Marry Me?” sign light up. In my other pocket, I felt the ring box. I had been trying to make the lump as inconspicuous as possible and, somehow, Kimberly hadn’t noticed it.

We got to the Star Galleria and Kimberly and I started walking up to the spot I had picked. There were white rose petals laid out on the ground as we walked around the first of the spirals. Strolling slowly, arm in arm, we took in the beauty of the luminaries in momentary silence. As we drew near the tree of candles in the center, I turned to Kimberly and said, “Turn around and check out this really awesome sign.” As she spun in place and looked over at the two-foot brick wall that bordered the gallery, I hit the button on the remote and my words sprang to life in brilliant golden letters. Her hands went up to her mouth in shock and, as she turned to face me again, I could see the joy in her eyes. Dropping to one knee as I slid the ring box deftly from my jacket pocket, our eyes met and I couldn’t help but smile widely. I popped the box open and asked Kimberly to marry me. I had prepared a short speech beforehand but the words were lost to me as I gazed into the soul of the woman I knew I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I had remembered the most important words and she very happily and excitedly said, “Yes!” – Scott

Square Halo Engagement Ring with Pave Set Diamonds

Congratulations, Kimberly and Scott!

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