Mackenzie & Hilary’s Outdoorsy Proposal

Shane Co. would like to congratulate Mackenzie and Hilary on their recent engagement! Their proposal story is so sweet, we just had to share it! Keep reading for the heart-melting details.

Mackenzie met Hilary at work. When he overheard that Hilary was outdoorsy (just like him!), he approached her in the break room and used that as a conversation starter. They began talking about local places to hike and instantly hit it off. After that day, they took regular walks to Starbucks during breaks. Eventually, once they got to know each other better, they made plans to hike with friends at Kennesaw Mountain and then go out to dinner, just the two of them. After sitting down at the restaurant, they could not stop talking and their dinner date lasted several hours. Mackenzie said he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hilary two months after meeting her.

One day, Mackenzie and Hilary visited Shane Co. to look at engagement rings, but she had no idea that he secretly went back to purchase one. He wanted the proposal to be a complete surprise. Mackenzie asked Hilary’s parents for their blessing and told them the proposal plan, which they agreed to help with. Mackenzie wanted to pop the question where they regularly went hiking near Hilary’s parents’ mountain house in North Carolina. The first time the two went on this hike, they carved their initials and a heart into a tree near the creek. Every time they took that hike after that day, they would visit the tree to make sure their initials had not been covered by moss or plants.

Oct HHA - 1

On the day of the proposal, Mackenzie and Hilary went on their hike as normal but when they got to their tree, Mackenzie had a big surprise! He had Hilary’s parents nail a piece of wood that said “Will you marry me?” into the tree before their hike, and then they waited in the woods to capture the entire thing. These pictures showcase the moment beautifully!

Oct HHA - 3

Oct HHA - 5

Hilary’s engagement ring is a sunning yellow gold halo with a center stone that belonged to Mackenzie’s grandmother. We couldn’t be happier for this Shane Co. couple!

Oct HHA - 8

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