Lauren & Kevin’s Surprise Proposal

At Shane Co., we love hearing engagement stories from our customers, especially when they’re as adorable as Kevin and Lauren’s! Check out their engagement story and beautiful photos:

Kevin and Lauren met through a mutual friend and sparks flew immediately. Since then, they’ve been on a journey of love that has encompassed major life events including Lauren’s college graduation, adopting a puppy together and plenty of family get-togethers and vacations! Lauren said that once she felt ready, she started dropping little hints to Kevin about getting engaged, like, “I can’t wait to be an aunt to all your nieces and nephews!”

my ringLooks like Kevin got the hint, because soon the two went to pick out her engagement ring together! Lauren and Kevin visited our Indianapolis store and saw quite a few rings that Lauren liked, but none felt like “the one.” Suddenly, the sales associate said he had an idea and went to the back of the store to bring out a ring he thought she might like. When he came back with the ring, Lauren got tears in her eyes and knew the search was over. Putting her mother’s center stone into the ring was the final touch that went into making it the perfect match for her.

Now that Lauren had her perfect guy and perfect ring, she just had to wait for the perfect proposal! One night, the couple had plans to head downtown for Kevin’s aunt and uncle’s anniversary. On the way to the restaurant Lauren got a text from Kevin’s sister saying that some family members got stuck at work and were going to be late. Lauren wasn’t pleased since they were already on their way there, but Kevin suggested that they take a nice stroll around a canal to pass the time before getting there.

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During their walk Kevin stopped suddenly and told Lauren she should turn around. As she did, she spotted her cousin and Kevin’s niece and nephew standing on the bridge holding a big sign that said “Will you marry me?” Lauren was completely surprised and, of course, she said yes! As an added surprise, Kevin’s sister was taking photos of the whole thing!

To top everything off, Kevin told Lauren that his parents had no idea the proposal was taking place and they were going to go surprise them at dinner. As they walked up to the restaurant, Kevin held out Lauren’s left hand to let his parents in on the surprise! Lauren says his mom’s face was priceless.


Once they got inside, Lauren discovered that not only were Kevin’s parents there, but so was the rest of Kevin’s family—and her family too! Lauren said it was so touching that she started bawling! To end the night, Kevin took Lauren on a romantic carriage ride downtown.

Kevin and Lauren are planning to get married in October 2016. We’re so excited for the couple and are thrilled to be a part of their love story!

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