Lauren & Jonathan’s Schoolyard Proposal

This Shane Co. couple has one of the sweetest proposal stories ever. We are so excited to share it!

Lauren and Jonathan met on Valentine’s Day in 2014. They were both single at the time and were out with friends at a local bar in Kansas City. Lauren had seen Jonathan before on a mutual friend’s Facebook page and knew he had a love for the song “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. When she saw him out that night in the bar, she went up to him and began to sing the tune to break the ice. The following week they went on their first date downtown. Jonathan came to pick her up with a rose and Lauren said that after the nerves wore off, it felt like they had known each other for a long time. It was a connection that neither of them had ever felt before. Soon the two were inseparable, going on romantic trips and enjoying adventures together.

Jonathan wanted the proposal to be a complete surprise, and he spent a lot of time preparing for it. Lauren is a reading specialist at an elementary school in the Kansas City metro area. A few weeks before the proposal, Jonathan contacted the school principal to begin planning, and soon most of her coworkers were involved too. The plan was to get Lauren outside for a surprise proposal at work.


One morning, the school had a fire drill and Lauren, as well as the rest of the school, went out to the side playground. The principal then asked everyone to go through the office doors that were in the front of the building. When Lauren rounded the corner she saw Jonathan standing there with a dozen roses and several of her reading students with shirts that spelled out “Marry Me?” She walked over to him and, after some heartfelt words, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said “yes” and the entire school cheered!RING

Lauren had mentioned to Jonathan that she wanted a timeless engagement ring that had a halo and the rest was up to him. He proposed with a gorgeous white gold halo engagement ring with elegant vintage-inspired detailing. We think he did a beautiful job!

The two plan to get married in downtown Kansas City next December.

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