Kyle and Amber’s Proposal Will Give You Butterflies!

You’ll just adore this sweet love story!

Kyle and Amber met through mutual college friends a year after graduation. They discovered that they had classes together at school, but simply missed each other until they were introduced through Kyle’s roommate’s girlfriend. Talk about fate!

Since then, these two lovebirds have created several years of wonderful memories together, like their first “I love you” during a Florida vacation, moving in with each other (building pillow forts included) and even adopting a mini Goldendoodle, Paisley! Toward the end of May, one day when Amber was at work, Kyle said he looked around at the life they had built together, called his father and said, “I think I’m ready to ask Amber to marry me.”


Amber had been sending subtle ring hints for a while, so Kyle took those and her Pinterest boards as inspiration, then had her mother and best friend suggest some jewelry shopping excursions where the sales associates were notified to be on high alert and take note of Amber’s favorites. After a lot of shopping, Kyle eventually decided to get Amber’s ring at Shane Co. He knew she loved hexagon and octagon halos, which were not originally in stock at Shane Co. However, Nicole, Kyle’s Shane Co. sales associate, found out about a hexagon halo ring design that Shane Co. was considering, and she worked her magic! When Kyle saw the photo of the special, not-yet-produced ring, he knew it was the one and picked out Amber’s center diamond to complete the gorgeous look.


Ring in hand, Kyle started planning the perfect proposal. He knew he wanted the special moment to happen in the Butterfly Room of the Indianapolis Zoo, a special place for both of them. While dating, they had gone there for Amber’s birthday and Kyle took a photo of her holding one of the butterflies. When he looked at the picture, he says he knew Amber was the one he would love forever, so it was only fitting that the proposal happen there! Kyle spent several months planning with Amber’s mother and inviting all of their family and friends to be present for the big moment. About three weeks out, he had his sister tell Amber that she wanted to come into town, and Amber had the idea of spending a day getting their nails done and going to Christmas at the Zoo.

This provided Kyle the perfect excuse to get Amber to the Indianapolis Zoo, where he suggested that they all go look at the Christmas lights in the Butterfly Room. Once they walked in, Kyle started getting so nervous. He had a whole speech prepared, but he just couldn’t wait. He dropped to one knee, told Amber how much he loved her and popped the big question! As Amber said “yes!” over 40 of her and Kyle’s family and friends popped out and cheered. Kyle had a huge engagement party planned afterwards and they spent the entire night celebrating.


We’re so excited for this wonderful couple!

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