Katrina & Matt’s Candlelit Proposal

This Shane Co. couple has a very romantic proposal story, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!

Katrina and Matthew met through mutual friends at a pool hall. They hit it off instantly and, through the years, they have made many memories together, including buying a home and adopting two dogs. Katrina says she knew a proposal was in the near future, but she had no idea when or how he would ask.


One evening Katrina received a text from one of her girlfriends asking her to go out for drinks. She had no idea it was just to distract her! While she was out, she got a text from Matt telling her she needed to come home immediately. Worried something had happened to one of their dogs, she rushed home only to find his car was not there. After opening the door, she noticed a candlelit pathway and followed it to the back room. To her surprise, there was Matt on one knee with “Will you marry me?” spelled out in candles. After shedding a few tears of joy, she said “yes” and the two celebrated by calling their family.


Matt visited Shane Co. to pick out Katrina’s ring on his own. He knew she loved halo settings and preferred white gold. He found a stunning classic halo ring setting and selected a gorgeous princess cut diamond for the center stone. It’s perfect for Katrina!

Matt and Katrina plan to get married in January 2019. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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