Josh & Allisa’s Wishing Well Proposal

This Shane Co. couple’s proposal is so sweet and sentimental, we could not wait to share it!

Allisa and Josh worked together and had friends that were dating, so they were always spending a lot of time together. Even though they started out as friends, Allisa says she knew she loved Josh the moment she first saw him. Soon after, they went from just friends to romantic partners, and Josh moved in with Allisa and her two children. They both knew one day they would get married, but Allisa had no idea when Josh would propose.


Earlier this year, Josh went to Southern California for work and Allisa and their newborn baby girl came along. They decided to stay a couple of extra days to go to Disneyland, because Josh had never been! They walked around the park together and went on all the rides they could with a newborn baby. Josh then suggested they take a family picture with the baby in front of the wishing well, and he passed off the camera to someone walking by. While taking pictures Josh got down on one knee and asked Allisa to marry him! Of course she said “yes!” and they splurged on delicious treats and a bottle of wine to enjoy back at their hotel room.


Josh and Allisa had previously visited Shane Co. together to browse the ring styles. They both agreed they liked the vintage-inspired rings. It was then up to Josh to pick out the exact ring himself. We think he did a beautiful job!

The two plan to get married next year and are currently looking at venues. Congratulations to this Shane Co. couple and thank you for letting us be a part of your love story!

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