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When making a purchase, you want to know that you have been treated with integrity and respect. This is true regardless of the product, but becomes more important when making a larger purchase. Especially in the jewelry industry, terminology and pricing can be complex and uncomfortable even when you have purchased jewelry before. In this age of competition when the primary focus is on the bottom line instead of on honesty and customer service, a company that truly has the customer’s best interest at heart is not only difficult to find, but also stands out. That is just one of the many reasons why people that shop at Shane Co. become customers for life.

Gary* and Alice* came to Shane Co. for the first time to look for a ring for their anniversary, specifically a three stone ring to upgrade her diamond solitaire wedding rimg. After browsing through the cases for a while, Alice had a few different options that she liked. Then she found it. Her “dream ring,” a gorgeous 4 carat three stone ring with incredible sparkle. The only problem was that it was significantly more than they had intended to spend. Having figured as much, Alice was prepared to choose one of her other options.

Unaware that Shane Co. buys outside gold and diamonds, Gary and Alice were pleasantly surprised when the sales associate asked if they would be interested in selling Alice’s original diamond solitaire ring to Shane Co. and putting that money towards the cost of the new ring. While they had purchased jewelry in the past, they had never sold any of it.

The office manager took Gary and Alice through every step of the Shane Co. gold buy process to help put them as ease about a transaction they had never done before.

When a diamond is set in a ring it is impossible to provide an exact carat weight for a gold buy. This was the case with Alice’s ring and we estimated that her diamond was around 1.50 carats. After the diamond is removed from the setting we can provide a more accurate measurement. In this case Alice’s diamond was actually over 2 carats! This was wonderful news for Gary and Alice and allowed them to sell their original ring for a lot more then they initially expected.

Because of the convenience and accessibility of this gold buy service, Gary was able to get Alice her “Dream ring” and stayed within their budget. What mattered most to them, however, was that they now have a jewelry store that they trust and enjoy doing business with.

We take pride in offering an easy and transparent gold buying process. We want to make sure that you receive the best value for your jewelry! We look forward to working with Gary and Alice to maintain their jewelry for many years to come.

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